Ocean Tomo, the leading Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc® firm, has partnered with TSC to offer unprecedented trade secret security and protection.

Ocean Tomo Trade Secret Security

Ocean Tomo Trade Secret Security is the solution to meet the new challenges organizations face in protecting their trade secrets.  By combining Ocean Tomo’s experience and proprietary systems with TSC’s patent-pending Threat Vector Manager (TVM) framework, organizations can now have unparalleled protection against loss of their intellectual assets. 

Leveraging Ocean Tomo’s experience and analytics, key intellectual property (IP) assets that provide competitive advantage  are identified.  With TSC’s Threat Vector Manager, data from enterprise information, external sources, and known risk-based behaviors is correlated to identify an organization’s areas of risk and actionable recommendations are given. 



Ocean Tomo Trade Secret Security focuses on four components of delivery:
› Identifying the most valuable IP assets and those of closely related delivery partners third parties.
› Monitoring and testing internal controls and identifying vulnerabilities regarding confidential know how.
› Managing data more effectively using TSC’s proprietary analytical processes and expertise.
› Providing executive decision tools and actionable recommendations for repairing areas of vulnerability

"Ocean Tomo's Trade Secret Security program provides advanced warning of R&D disclosure risk, allowing organizations to identify, control and avert potential trade secret misappropriation."

- James E. Malackowski, CEO of Ocean Tomo

Your trade secrets may be at greater risk if your organization engages in:
› Outsourced, partner-based manufacturing
› Early-stage research and academic publishing
› Critical-risk industries with variable product development cycles, a large product portfolio, or a disparate set of partners around the world, such as aerospace, defense, high-tech, pharma and biotech
› Joint ventures 
› Collaborative supply relationships 
› Heavy reliance on trade secret protection